Vegan Molasses Cookies

These sparkly, sugar-coated gingersnaps are the latest of several “secretly vegan” cookie recipes I’ve adapted in recent months (See my posts on chocolate maple and chocolate covered pretzel cookies.) With oil in place of butter and water instead of eggs, they are lighter and a bit chewier than traditional molasses cookies, but retain the same … Continue reading Vegan Molasses Cookies

Chocolate Banana Cake with Maple Buttercream

The first few times I baked this incredibly moist, egg-free chocolate cake, adapted from a vegan recipe by Nora Cooks, I decorated it with salty-sweet chai frosting. For my twin sons’ third birthday celebration last month, I decided to try something a little different: Cake Whiz’s out-of-this-world maple buttercream, jazzed up with chocolate chips, peanuts, … Continue reading Chocolate Banana Cake with Maple Buttercream

Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

These doughnuts are light, airy – and made with pizza dough! Pizza dough has fewer ingredients than classic yeast-raised doughnuts, or even the cake variety, for that matter: no eggs, no milk, no butter. Yet they are just as delicious, if not more, and can be fried in a relatively shallow amount of oil. For … Continue reading Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts