Pumpkin Bougatsa

This is my coworker, Maria’s, twist on bougatsa, a breakfast pastry from northern Greece. It has a creamy pumpkin, milk, and semolina filling, and  a crust made from layers of filo, a paper-thin dough used in Greek and Middle Eastern pastries. With a generous coating of cinnamon and sugar, it’s sweet enough to eat as … Continue reading Pumpkin Bougatsa

Sweet Potato and Cilantro Parathas

Parathas, flaky, griddle-cooked flatbreads, are a popular breakfast food in South Asia.  They’re especially delicious stuffed with potatoes (aloo) and spices. My mother-in-law taught me how to make aloo paratha the traditional way, but I decided to put my own twist on the recipe, swapping potatoes for sweet, starchy Japanese yams.  I added two common ingredients … Continue reading Sweet Potato and Cilantro Parathas