Tahini Almond Blondies

In my latest post for The Knockturnal, I shared my recipe for chocolate-chunk-filled tahini almond squares. There is no flour or butter in these blondies, just finely ground almonds and tahini, a sesame paste used in Middle Eastern cooking. The flavors of almond and sesame may seem like a strange combination, but they work extremely … Continue reading Tahini Almond Blondies

Banana Brownies

Mashed banana makes a great addition to blondies and brownies. A few years ago, I developed a recipe for banana, hazelnut, and chocolate chunk blondies. This time around, I incorporated banana into pastry chef Nick Malgieri’s “Supernatural Brownies,” so named after he attempted to double a fudge brownie recipe but forgot to increase the flour, … Continue reading Banana Brownies