Glazed Banana Maple Muffins

My twin toddlers refer to these sweet yet surprisingly wholesome muffins as “cupcakes.” Made with whole wheat flour and olive oil, filled with toasted pecans, packed with moisture from ripe bananas and maple syrup, and jazzed up with maple glaze, these easy, one-bowl muffin/cupcakes are equal parts breakfast and dessert. I served them at my … Continue reading Glazed Banana Maple Muffins

Kiwi Ginger Crumb Bars

I adapted these delicious bar cookies from a recipe by Tutti Dolci, filling two layers of buttery shortbread with homemade kiwi jam and drizzling a ginger glaze on top. Using Lady Lee’s super simple, 3-ingredient recipe, I transformed a bag of overripe kiwis into a thick, sweet, and tangy jam. The crust and crumble topping, … Continue reading Kiwi Ginger Crumb Bars

Maple Pecan Pudding

Maple is one of my favorite fall flavors. It’s a welcome change from all things “pumpkin spice,” and lends itself well to unconventional autumn desserts. Here, I’ve updated a favorite childhood recipe for vanilla pudding, swapping brown sugar for maple syrup (for an interesting history of the sweetener, click here) and sprinkling toasted pecans on … Continue reading Maple Pecan Pudding

Chocolate Chai Cupcakes

I first made these cupcakes, based on a delicious vegan cake recipe from the blog Nora Cooks, for my sister-in-law’s birthday. I’d set out to bake a two-layer cake, but scrapped that plan when I couldn’t locate a second springform pan. I prepared one 9-inch cake and a dozen cupcakes instead. The batter is unbelievably … Continue reading Chocolate Chai Cupcakes

5-Ingredient Tahini (or Almond Butter or Peanut Butter) Cookies

5-Ingredient Tahini (or Almond Butter or Peanut Butter) Cookies My 18-month-old twins are obsessed with almond butter, and love to “help” me bake cookies, so I was thrilled to stumble across a super simple, 3-ingredient almond butter cookie on the blog Skinny Taste. The flourless cookies were a hit with my whole family (especially the … Continue reading 5-Ingredient Tahini (or Almond Butter or Peanut Butter) Cookies

Cookies and Cream Cake

With a thick, mousse-like layer of chocolate whipped cream, crunchy homemade chocolate wafer cookies, a swirl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and dark chocolate shavings, this decadent ice cream cake is sophisticated, not too sweet, yet still a hit with kids; I served it to celebrate my husband’s graduation from medical training, and my … Continue reading Cookies and Cream Cake

Double Chocolate Cookies

This is an extra-chocolatey spin on Nestle Toll House’s famous, original chocolate chip cookie recipe, the first chocolate chip cookie in America (click here for the interesting history behind it.) I added cocoa powder and used mini dark chocolate chips, sprinkling a few extra on top for a decorative finish. To compensate for the cocoa … Continue reading Double Chocolate Cookies